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We are Excited to Introduce Two Great Businesses Who are Promoting Health and Wellness in Lexington!

It is in our Vision to join with local businesses of like minds to bring lasting health and wellness to our community. That is why we are honored to work together with

Mindfulness and Wellbeing and Blue Water Yoga.

Click on their facebook links below for more information and class schedules

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Mindfulness and Wellbeing is a 6 week course which aim is to establish a daily

practice of meditation or prayer.  Neuroscience shows that we can train our brains to become calmer, more focused and peaceful.  This decreases our experience of stress in our lives, which in turn has been shown to have many additional health benefits both psychologically and physically.  We gradually learn how to live happier and healthier, more centered lives.

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Blue Water Yoga is committed to creating a positive and encouraging environment to practice yoga, connect with one another, and improve your physical and mental health.

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